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The Frustrations of Starting Up a Business

The process of starting up a business can be an emotional roller coaster. Of course, there’s the excitement of finally doing something you want to do. However, there can also be a lot of frustration when things don’t go exactly as planned. There are setbacks. There are learning curves. There are even times when you may see similar ideas being executed before yours. Take a moment to pause, and breathe. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up. Sometimes, it’s hard to be patient. It’s easier said than done to stay focused. But … trust the process, and keep moving forward. Don’t feel guilty about procrastinating. That may just be the break you need to recharge. Just make sure to get back to it. Don’t worry about all the ways that things can fail. Instead, focus on all the ways to succeed. Work on that! Do something each day to work towards your goal, even if it’s as simple as writing down a new idea. Do something to keep your creative juices flowing until your vision becomes reality. Don’t worry about all the people who may not support you. Instead, focus on the people that will. Remember, it’s not personal when it comes to business. Listen to the advice that comes from unusual places. Think on it. Take what you need from it. Ready, set, grow!!!

Yours Truly,

Ann O'Neal

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